Pork Films 珍珠瘦肉片

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✅ Compliance with food safety

✅ Vacuum packaging

✅ Hygiene / no chemical / no preservative

✅ PREMIUM grade meat

✅ 100% fresh from farm

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✅ 符合安全食用标准

✅ 真空包装

✅ 卫生 / 无化学原料/ 无防腐剂

✅ 优质& 有质量的肉

✅ 100% 來自农场的新鲜货

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Pork films is made by pork hind leg which cut into slice. The meat texture is firm and less fat. Suitable for any stir fry vegetable dish.


Products type:frozen meat

Serving:4-6 pax

Best consumption: Stored up to 3 months in the freezer

Cooking method: Defrost for 10-15 minute then ready to cook with your favourite dish

Recommend for: chinese cusine, noodles

猪后腿肉切片切条,肉质扎实,脂肪较少。一般适合用于当炒菜配料,也非常适合煮粥给小朋友吃。产品重量:500 克


食用份量:4-6 人份


烹煮方法:解冻 大约10 - 15 分钟即可调味烹煮。


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